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This Camera can be converted to Full Spectrum Conversion or using a choice of the following Infrared Filters for IR photography (550nm goldie, 650nm Faux Colour, 720nm Monochrome, Aerochrome effect).  Please contact use following payment to confirm your choice or leave a message at the checkout when paying via Paypal.

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Full Spectrum or Infrared Converted Compact Camera for IR Photography or Ghost Hunting……


We will explain the filter options first, you can find more about the spec of the camera later in the description…


For Ghost Hunting we recommend choosing a FULL SPECTRUM conversion as they allow images to be captured in the dark using the built-in invisible Infared flash.

The Infrared Flash emits a discreet burst of IR light allowing you to take images in complete darkness.

The camera is also capable of taking movies in the dark but to achieve this it will need pairing with one of our IR illuminators.


For IR photography we replace the internal hot mirror with a choice of one of the filters shown below.  The Flash Will Not be Converted to IR unless requested;

550nm Goldie

650nm Faux Colour

720nm Monochrome

Aerochrome effect

Full Spectrum

Please contact use following payment to confirm your choice of filter or leave a message at the checkout when paying via Paypal.


More about the Camera……

‘The camera will be modified internally by replacing the internal filter allowing you to compose and view IR or Full Spectrum images in real time.

180 Degree tiltable @Selfie’ Monitor making easy it easy work when you want to keep yourself in the action.

OIS Optical Image Stabilisation to steady your stills and movies when using the camera handheld.

16MP Still Images

HD 720P Movies

12x Optical Zoom / 24x iZoom

Wifi Connectivity – Download and share images and movies via your smartphone.  You can also connect and control the camera remotely, while gaining a live view preview of your subject directly on your smartphone.







We use a selected range of good quality used cameras to help keep costs down, but we can supply new models for an additional cost.

All of our cameras are refurbished and carry a 60 day warranty.

The Body Colour may vary to that shown in the pictures

The Unit is supplied with a battery and charging unit


A little bit more about our Full Spectrum Conversions….

The camera will be internally modified to allow it to see beyond our range of vision.

In addition to the spectrum of colours that our eyes see in every day life,

(those we recognise in a Rainbow) this camera will see Ultraviolet and Infrared

Light providing and immediate advantage as it enables anomalies outside of

the visible spectrum to be captured.  These are then stored by the camera as an electronic

representation of the UV, Visible and IR light.  Similar to how a camera recorders a picture, but

for and extended range of light.  Another advantage is that the camera can be paired with Infrared

Illumination to enable the taking of images at night.  Please contact us if you need any help

selecting suitable illumination should you wish to use this feature.


The Wifi Feature…….

Wi-Fi enables wireless transfers to iOS and Android devices, and also to a PC across a home Wi-Fi network.  History and Favorites options in the Wi-Fi menu make revisiting settings easy and quick. There’s comprehensive remote control from the app too, including the ability to move the autofocus point by touching the screen – something that’s not possible on the camera itself.

Additional information


Full Spectrum or Infared


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