Ghost Box ITC / Mini Spirit Portal

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We have been developing this product for some time to offer a real spirit box to those working on a budget.

There are many cheap ghost box itc devices available on Ebay that are inferior in many respects.

For a start they sweep between 60-108 MHz, a big problem particularly in the UK where Radio broadcasts are between 88-108 MHz. As a result, these cheap hacks have large silences when sweeping between 60-88MHz as there are no stations broadcast in this range, giving a long awkward pause for 20-25% of the sweep.  10-15 seconds of time waiting is an awfully long time!

The following demo uses several components that step an FM module suited to Us and European radio broadcasts.  It is paired with a Reverb box to introduce a stable echo, the results are outstanding.

An Telescopic FM antenna will be added to the final boxed unit offering the ability to increase / decrease the overall sensitivity of the box.

It will also have a re-scan button, allowing the box to be re-calibrated depending on the region / location it is being used.


take a look at the prototype…  We are sure you will like it!


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