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Ghost Hunting Nightvision Illuminator With Battery Pack

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Ghost Hunting Nightvision Illuminator

Ghost Hunting Nightvision Illuminator + AA Battery Pack From Infraready Ghost Hunting Equipment Store.
Universal Infrared LED Illuminator For Full Spectrum Camcorders With Power Saving Mode.
What Is Included:
The Items Pictured Will Be Included;
1 X 48 LED Infrared Illuminator With Auto Light Sensor.
1 X Mounting Coupler
1 X 12v Battery Holder (Requires 8xAA Batteries) With On / Off Switch
Please Note The Illuminator Has An Automatic Light Dependent Sensor That Helps To Conserve Battery Power When Sufficient Ambient Light Is Available For Your Camera / Camcorder.
Universal Bright Invisible Infrared IR Light Visible To Fit Full Spectrum And Nightvision Converted Cameras And Camcorders With A Standard Tripod Socket.
The Illuminator Is Brand New And Ready To Use Immediately Upon Receipt. All You Need To Do Is Connect The 12v Battery Pack (**Requires 8 X AA Batteries) And Switch It On. Alternatively, We Also Sell A 12v Power Supply Unit For Uninterrupted Mains Power.
The 12v Battery Pack Uses AA Batteries As A Flexible, Cheap And Convenient Source Of Power. A Good Set Of 8 AA Batteries Will Provide A Constant Bright Level Of IR Illumination Between 12 – 24 Hours.
The Screw Fitting Provided Allows The Camcorder To Be Mounted To Standard Tripod Sockets On All Common Cameras / Camcorders. We Offer Wide Selection Of Alternative Mounting Solutions In Our Accessories Section.
Brand New 48-Led Extreme Illuminator Light IR Infrared Night Vision
These Are Professionally Manufactured Illuminators That Have Several Advantages Over The DIY Illuminators Often Listed Elsewhere For Sale On The Internet And eBay.

Key Features:
Weatherproof Enclosure Prevents Dust And Moisture Ingress, Extending Power Consumption And The Life Of The Device.
Circular Array Ensures Beam Is Concentrated Specifically To Suit Night Vision Recorders.
The Adjustable Bracket Allows The Beam To Be Adjusted, Unlike The Rigid Mounts Of Black Box Style Illuminators.
Battery And Mains Can Be Used To Safely Power The Unit.
Power Consumption Is Reduced As The Illuminator Switches Itself Into Power Save Mode If Sufficient Light Is Available.
Voltage Regulation To Ensure Constant Light Is Emitted Without Flickr Or Drop Out. This Will Also Extend The LED Lifetime As The Voltage Is Rectified To Maximise Led Lifespan.

Illuminates The Scene That Can Be Captured With Night Vision Capable Equipment, The Light Emitted Is Invisible To The Human Eye
LED Life Time Over 100,000 Hrs
IR LED Wavelength: 850nm
Illuminating Range: Viewing Range 20 M (Outdoor)
Auto Power-On Sensor, Only Turn-On When The Surrounding Is Dark
All-Weather Aluminium And Reinforced Glass Design
Powered By A Single 9v Battery Or Our Dc 12v 500ma Adaptor (Battery Or Power Supply Not Included)


Fitting Instructions: