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REM Pod Proximity Trigger (4 Pod Kit)




REM Pod Proximity Trigger (4 Pod Kit) With LED and Alarm

REM Pod Proximity Trigger (4 Pod Kit) – 4 REM Pods With Loud Alarm, Each With A Different Coloured LED To Help Distinguish Them In The Dark. Built By Infraready Ghost Hunting Equipment

4 Individual REM PODs Will Be Supplied At This Special Discounted Rate.

Did You Know That Our Best Selling Affordable REM-Pod Trigger Appeared Throughout 2018 On Celebrity Ghost Hunt!
The REM Pod Trigger Emits A Field Around The Antenna Which If Broken Will Trigger The Audible Alert And Visual Led Indicator.
REM-Pods Have Become One Of The Most Used Pieces Of Ghost Hunting Equipment, A Must Have For Any Serious Ghost Hunter Or Paranormal Group.
The Device Emits A EM Field Around The Antenna, Which When Disturbed Will Sound The Alarm And Light The Led.
The Devices Can Be Used Simultaneously To Gain Greater Accuracy Of Triggers And Alerts, Adding Credibility To The Evidence You Record During Paranormal Investigations.
A 9v Battery Is Required To Power The Device That Stows Neatly Inside The Unit.
The REM Pod Trigger Device Is Ideal For Serious / Advanced Paranormal Investigators And Due To Its Overall Simplicity Also For Everyday Ghost Hunters. It Can Be Used As A Trigger Device To Respond To Calling Or Séance Or Solely As A Visual Audible Indication Of When The Field Emitted Around The Device Is Broken.





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