REMPOD Ghost Hunting Beginner
rem paranormal proximity
rempod ghost hunting
rem pod ghost hunting
REMPOD Ghost Hunting Beginner
REMPOD Paranormal Investigation
Ghost Hunting REMPOD
REMPOD Paranormal Ghost

REM-POD Paranormal Proximity Detector




REM-POD Paranormal Proximity Detector

REM-POD Paranormal Proximity Detector for Ghost Hunting

Pro REM-POD With Genuine REM Circuitry, Auto Calibration, Variable Tone Modes, Retractable Antenna and Large Lens coloured LEDS.

The REMPOD Ghost Detector Has 4 Visible LEDs and an Audible tone that changes in pitch as and when the EM field that is radiated around the antenna is disturbed or broken.

The Device Has Two Alert Modes That Can Be Easily Toggled By The Press of a Button

This REM uses the widely used traditional REM circuitry commonly used around the globe.  The Antenna Radiates An Invisible Field Around The Device Which If Disturbed Will Trigger The Device Into Action.




Powered By 1 X 9V PP3 Battery (Not Included)

This Device Is Ideal For Serious / Advanced Paranormal Investigators And Due To Its Overall Simplicity Also For Everyday Ghost Hunters.

The REMPOD Ghost Detector Can Be Used As A Trigger Device To Respond To Calling Or Solely As A Visual Audible Indication Of The Presence Of Disruption In The Invisible Field Radiated By The Device.

A demo of the product can be viewed by clicking the play button in the product image gallery.


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