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Kinect SLS Camera & 3 Stickman Apps




KINECT SLS Camera – Portable Ghost Hunting Device (Fully Loaded with 3 SLS Stickman Apps)

Kinect SLS Camera for Ghost Hunting Fully Loaded With 3 SLS Stickman Application on a Single OS Windows Tablet Ready. Fully Portable and Ready For Ghost Hunting And Paranormal Investigation.

This Version Of The Kinect SLS Camera Includes 3 Pre-Installed Tracking Applications, Giving Full Versatility And Effects.

The Kinect SLS Camera Ghost Hunting Camera Is Widely Used For Ghost Hunting.  It is Mainly Used As A SLS (Structured Light Sensor) Camera, With The Ability To Track Skeletal Movement.

In Addition, The SLS Kinect Ghost Hunting Camera Can Also Be Utilised For Recording Coloured Footage.  It Can Also Be Used For Night Vision Utilising The Build In Infrared Light Matrix.

In Our Store You Will Also Find This Setup Including A Windows / Android Dual Operating System Tablet. The Advantages Of This System Are Listed At The Bottom Of The Page.

If You Intend To Buy A Kinect Setup For Use As A Dedicated SLS Device Then This Version Will Certainly Meet Your Requirements. It Is Also Considerably Cheaper Than Our Premium Version As We Utilise Refurbished Tablets Dedicated To Thee Windows Platform Only.

Demos and Instructions

Being A Microsoft Device The Kinect Software Runs Seamlessly On This Tablet. A Simple Set Of Instructions Are Included To Show You How To Boot Up The Kinect.

Here Is A Demo Of Our Kinect SLS Camera In Action. The Stickman Appears Over The Person To The Left Of The Frame And A Second Stickman Appears That Is Sat At The Piano. We Thank Spookspys For Trialing Our Tablet Out In The Field And Providing This Footage For Us To Use On Our Website…….

[Embedyt] Https://Www.Youtube.Com/Watch?V=9rnke3wtmww[/Embedyt]

And A Further Demo At 30 East Drive, Wakefield, Seeking The Black Monk Of Pontefract….

[Embedyt] Https://Www.Youtube.Com/Watch?V=Hncs8un_Yng[/Embedyt]

The Movie Below Demonstrates This Product And How To Load And Use Each Of The 3 Applications.
Please Click The Images To View……….

[Embedyt] Https://Www.Youtube.Com/Watch?V=Uqdqjexd8gi[/Embedyt]

[Embedyt] Https://Www.Youtube.Com/Watch?V=-Fylju1qnks[/Embedyt]

How To Assemble / Disassemble Your Kinect Camera Setup
[Embedyt] Https://Www.Youtube.Com/Watch?V=Wwkybp_M5-8[/Embedyt]

What Else Is Included? ………
Modified Kinect Sensor – This Makes The Sensor Portable, It Runs Off A Battery Pack And Has Been Adapted To Connect To A Tablet. The Sensors We Use Are Refurbished Xbox Stock.

Windows Tablet – To Ensure You Get The Best Experience From The Mobile Kinect Tablet, We Have Gone To Great Lengths To Find A Tablet That Is Capable Of Driving The Sensor And Software Seamlessly. Our Refurbished Tablets Carry A 60 Day Warranty And Have The Relevant Software Pre-Installed And Setup The Device. A Charging Lead Will Be Provided With The Tablet.

Trigger Grip / Stand

This Can Be Configured To A Trigger Grip For Portable Use, Or It Can Be Reconfigured Within Seconds To A Desktop Tripod.

Battery Pack

We Supply A Standard 12v Pack That Accommodates 8 X Aa Batteries To Powers The Sensor Bar. Alkaline Batteries Are Recommended. The Sensor Has Been Modified Using A Standard 12v 5.5mm / 2.1mm Cctv Power Socket Allowing You To Use Other Common 12v Rechargeable Packs If You Prefer. (Additional Pack / Aa Batteries Not Included)


This Version Of The Tablet Is Fully Loaded With 3 Different SLS Camera Tracking Apps. Our Tablets Have Been Configured For Simple Use, We Offer Full Support Once You Receive Your Device. We Upload Several Components And Place The Relevant Shortcuts In The Windows Start Menu For Ease Of Use. The Software Allows Standard Camera Mode, Infrared Camera (Enables You To Capture Images In The Dark), Colour / Monochrome Depth Mode, Stickman Mode / Skeletal Viewer (Full Body / Trunk / Facial Recognition) And Much More. The Software Can Be Used To View Or Record, We Recommend Recording To An SD Card To Keep The Device Memory Free For Processing.

What Is It For? ………
The Kinect Sensor Has Been Taken From An Xbox Gaming System. Various Developers Have Since Created Programs To Utilise The Kinect Sensor Well Beyond It’s Intended Use Such As The Skeletal Viewer.
The Kinect Sensor Projects Over One Million Small Infrared Beams Over A Wide Field Of View. The Sensor Recognises Changes In Depth As And When Each Of The Beams Are Broken.  This Allows The SLS Camera To Build A 3D Model Of Its View. The Software Has Been Programmed To Recognise Skeletal And Facial Characteristics, Which The Device Uses To Create The ‘Stickman’ When It Recognises A Human Body Or Spirit.
The Tablet Is Fully Mobile And Can Be Used To View Or Record Various Type Of Data Relative To The Software You Select From The Toolkit Provided. Examples Include;

Skeletal Recognition (Stickman Mode)
Facial Recognition / Facial Replacement
IR Nighvision Camera
Depth Camera (Colour Or Monochrome To Indicate Depth)

Tips For Best Use….
While The Kinect SLS Camera Can Be Used For Recording Data, There Is Limited Space Available After We Have Installed The Relevant Software. If The Memory Runs Out Before A Recording Session Is Closed By The User, The Resulting Files Are Often Unreadable. As Such, We Advise Leaving The Remaining Memory On The Tablet Free For Processing And Recommend Using A Micro SD Card For Recording SLS Data Or Screen Recordings To. To Do This, Insert A Formatted Micro SD Card In To The Tablet, Open The Software You Wish To Use And Then Set The Recording Destination To The SD Card.

The Kinect SLS Camera Carries An Extended 60 Day Warranty And Lifetime Technical Support.
While We Build, Configure And Test Each Mobile Kinect Tablet To Order, The Despatch Is Typically 2 Working Days From Receipt Of Payment. . Our Design Continues To Improve Based On Feedback From Our Customers, So The Setup Received May Have Slight Variations In Appearance. In All Cases Functionality And Performance Remains The Same, Or Better.

When you receive you SLS Kinect Ghost Hunting Camera

On Arrival Of Your Kinect SLS Camera, You May Find The Following Useful To Get You Started….. Please Note, The Tablet Shown In This Demonstration Is The Dual Os Version.
[Embedyt] Https://Www.Youtube.Com/Watch?V=Pcpjlqeah3g[/Embedyt]

In Our Store You Will Also Find This Setup Including A Brand New Dual Operating System (OS) Tablet. Dual Os Means That The Tablets Has Both Windows And Android Systems Installed. The User Can Simply Choose Which Os To Use When The Device Is Powered Up By Tapping The Relevant Os Icon On The Welcome Screen.
There Are Multiple Benefits From Using A Dual Os Device. This Allows The User To Install Ghost Hunting Tools / Apps From The Windows Store And The Google Play Store For Android.

More Information

A Wide Selection Of Apps Are Readily Available On The Windows And Google Play Store, Most Of Which Can Be Found Free Of Charge Or For A Small Fee.
These Include Spirit Portals, Spirit Boxes, Ghost Detectors And EVP Recorders And Enhancers.
The Following Movie Show You How To Use The Kinect Studio / Apps To Record And Playback… Please Click The Image Below To Start Viewing……………….





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