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Ghost Box Sweep Radio AM FM Band

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Ghost Box Sweep Radio AM FM

Ghost Box Sweep Radio AM FM CB AIR World Band Broad Frequency Hacked Radio.

This hacked radio is one of the latest models on the market and lends itself perfectly to being hacked into a Ghost Box Sweep Radio.  Unlike the majority of radio hacks, this little device sweep FM AM SW VHF CB and AIR Bands, the widest frequency coverage of any Ghost Box radio on offer today.

The Ghost Box Sweep Radio has also been modified through the addition of a sweep circuit that allows the sweep rate to be adjusted.  A movie clip demonstrating the Radio can be viewed by clicking the play button in the bottom corner of the image gallery.

The buttons on the sweep controller allow you to adjust the frequency and duty of the pulse being sent to the Radio.  The two buttons to the bottom left adjust the frequency of the pulse, the two to the right adjust the duty.  For the fastest sweep rate we have found that setting the frequency to 5 and the duty to 50% works really well which results in 5 steps per second.

To power the Ghost Box up, the rear battery cover can be removed and the rechargeable battery can then be connected in place.  The power button on top of the device can then be held briefly to power the Radio on or off.

The volume buttons can be used to adjust the volume of the internal speaker up or down or the level of output from the headphone socket should you wish to use headphones or connect the radio to a spirit portal reverb speaker.

Pressing the band button will toggle through the FM AM SW VHF CB and AIR Bands.

Our full range of Ghost Box Sweep Radios and Spirit Portals are becoming very popular and make a great addition to any ghost hunting equipment or paranormal investigators kit.


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