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EVP Sound Level Meter

The EVP Sound Level Meter can be used for various purposes to help on your ghost hunts and paranormal investigation.  Being battery operated (4 x AAA batteries required) it is fully portable.

It can simply be used to provide a visual representation of sound picked up by the devices sensitive internal microphone.

Alternatively the EVP Sound Level Meter can be used in conjunction with any EVP recorder to help validate actual sound recorded on your EVPs.  To achieve this the device should be placed next to your EVP recorder and observed or ideally filmed by a camcorder so the resulting EVP and recorded images from your EVP and Camcorder can be compared.  

The device can also be used as a simple trigger object with the user asking or persuading spirits to interact with the device by activating the LEDs.

The Meter offers adjustable sensitivity and peak level hold, these feature are demonstrated in the product movie which can be found by clicking the play button in the bottom left corner of the image gallery. 


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