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Spirit Portal Station (Huff Paranormal Blueprint)


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Spirit Portal Station by Infraready
Built and Programmed to the Huff Paranormal Blueprint
Please note we build this Portal to order.  As such it usually takes between 5-10 working days to despatch.
If you require one with urgency, get in touch using the contact form before purchasing.


This device will improve and enhance spirit communication devices and apps.
Whilst this may appear to be a no-frills Spirit Portal, no compromises have been taken.
No flashing lights, unnecessary bent bits or metal or antiqued paintwork here.  Just pure circuitry.
The best quality circuits have been used, to give the best results.
To give you an idea, the HOF Reverb unit costs over £89 where are basic Reverb Circuits cost around £25.
Please see the movies below for a demo of this product in action





What is a Spirit Portal Station?
Its basically a portal for communicating with spirits.
The Station adds Reverb and Removes Static Noise From Ghost Box Sweeps.
The station has a 3.5mm input jack allowing various inputs….
For the Beginner it to be easily connected to common spirit boxes such as the PSB7 / PSB11.
For the advanced user, the Station can also be used with Android / Apple Apps such as ‘Spiritus Ghost Box’ which also includes an incredible visual ITC loop mode or ‘Portal Plus’ for Android.  These Apps are available from the App Store / Google Play.


What do you get?
Built to the same spec as the Huff Paranormal Spirit Portal..
HOF (Hall of Fame) Reverb unit.  This has been pre-loaded with HUFF PARANORMALS reverb setting.
Variable Control of the reverb via the control panel. Reverb can be disabled using the kill switch.
Noise Killing Circuit – This reduces static off the sweep.  Static hinders communication with spirit, so
here lies the perfect solution.


Marshall Powered Speaker – Allowing you to amplify the signal once the static filtering and reverb settings have been applied.
Mains Adapter / Connections
 (Battery pack can be used, not included**)


Each components is mounted to the wooden base using 3M velcro so they can be easily removed for storage if required, or swapped out for different modules.


How do you use it?
A spirit box usually gives a noisy, crackly output.  This device allow you to truly hear the content of your Spirit Box Sessions.
Start by connecting your preferred device, i.e a PSB7.
Twist both the Noise Killer and HOF Reverb knobs to the left.
Switch on the input device and start to scan.
The scan will sound normal.
Slowly turn the Noise Killer to its mid way setting.  The static hiss will start to reduce.
Now move the knob on the HOF reverb to around half way.
The level of clarity will be far better.
Move the knob on the Noise Killer slowly ‘Clockwise’ to reduce hiss, ‘Anti-Clockwise’ to re-introduce hiss.
When you achieve the perfect balance of reduced hiss, and one-two word answers, stop.
Then Adjust the HOF Revreb to a position that suits.  Clockwise increases the effect.


What else will you need? These items are NOT INCLUDED
A PSB7 or Spirit Box with 3.5mm Headphone Jack.  These can be found in our store.
An IPhone/Ipad or Android Tablet / Smartphone with 3.5mm headphone jack with a suitable Portal / Spirit box app.
**9V battery pack can be used to make the device fully portable, not supplied.  Please note 9-12v required with Positive centre pin.  We can list the specific battery packs if required.


The following information is to the credit of Steve Huff (Huff Paranormal)….

Power the device on, connect your favourite app or spirit box radio.

Focus, concentrate, be respectful, and envision the spirits coming to speak to you.

RECORD THE SESSION! This is 100% mandatory with ANY ITC device as you will hear more at playback.


I recommend the Portal + app for android as it works so so well with any type of portal device. If you do not have android, try Spiritus for iOS or SCD-1 for Windows.

You can also use the P-SB7 I linked to above to cut the noise and enhance replies to full length sentences. You would use the noise reduction to dial out most of the noise. Even with the portal + app I use some noise reduction to cut chatter.

If you get no results, then you need to work on your connection. This is a VERY REAL thing my friends. Without the connection, spirits will not flock to you when you power it on. You can also try taking it to an active location, which usually brings great results even to those who are new. Go back and read this. 





A: Static is not needed for communication, it hinders it. If you still believe static is needed, then keep using those static filled boxes. 





B: Evidence review can be cut down by hours due to the clarity. No more sifting through radio scan to pick out the replies..the replies just come out. 





C. Spirits LOVE it, they even call it by name already. “PORTAL” and have on over a dozen occasions, two in the SAME voice over different sources. 





D. Spirits will and can speak in full sentences, all in the same voice and even more fascinating is you may start to hear environmental noises from THEIR world..I have, and all can be seen in my portal videos I have posted thus far. 





This device will transform ANY spirit radio or APP into something rather interesting…, as in it takes on a whole new life and sound and something odd happens. The radio sounds that are mixed with spirit replies..they seem to almost go away. Record those sessions and you will find that just about every question you have gets an answer if you have a connection. You will find you are now hearing their environment as well as their voice.





But there is more to the portal than just a reverb pedal..there is something else I discovered that no one else has ever tried, so more on the reverb pedal later…





For me, with the Portal and GeoBox, gone are the days of static filled evidence. Gone are the harsh crackly cheap boxes made in China that give us headaches. Gone are ANY static filled spirit box, believe me, static is NEVER EVER needed! It HARMS communication. THEY have told me this, and I have discovered this after years of constant research.


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