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negative ion generator
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Negative Ion Generator




Negative Ion Generator

The Negative Ion Generator Does Exactly What It Suggests.

Negative Ions Are Believed By Many Paranormal Investigators To Feed Ghosts And Spirits.  This Was First Thought When Activity Was Seen To Be Greater During Electric Storms Where The Increase Of Negative Ion Was Proportional To An Increase In Paranormal Activity.  While This Device Wont Emit Nearly As Many Negative Ions As A Lightning Bolt, This Experimental Devices Emits A Steady Stream Of Negative Ions.  Using The Device Next To Spirit Boxes, Trigger Objects And Other ITC Devices May Increase The Chance Of Interaction.

As The Device Is Silent In Operation, A Green LED Indicates When The Negative ion Generator Is Powered On.

Requires 9V battery (Not included)

The Negative Ion Detector NID Shown In The Image Gallery Is Shown For Demonstration Purposes Only And Is Not Included.

product demo coming July 2019 – when uploaded the movie can be viewed by pressing the play button that appears in the bottom corner of the image gallery








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