Static Detector Infinity Mirror




Static Detector Infinity Mirror

Static Detector Infinity Mirror With Independent Positive and Negative Energy Fields by Infraready Ghost Hunting Equipment.  This is a major advantage over e-field detectors that can’t distinguish between the positive and negative fields.  Basic e-field detectors also will often give false triggers as they only indicate one state. 

When the Mirror is powered on it will display the current state of the filed being sensed.

The LEDs will light green to indicate the presence of positive energy.  Red for negative energy.  Both colours when the energy fields are balanced.  This allow the user to establish the baseline energy within the area of use. 

The Mirror can be used during investigations as a trigger object.  Activity can be provoked by the User, Medium or Séance. 

Calling techniques can be used to ask present spirits to activate / deactivate the coloured LEDs.

The Mirror can be used to gain supporting evidence for investigations.  Static impulses are indicated by the LED that suggests the likelihood of Spiritual Activity are greater.

A brief demonstration of the Static Detector Infinity Mirror can be viewed by clicking the play button.  This  can be found in the image gallery.

The detector can be powered on by removing the battery cover and clipping a 9v Battery (not included) on to the battery terminals.




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