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Temperature Anomaly Device TAD


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Temperature Comparator Device

Temperature Anomaly Device V1.1 – Intro Price £65 for first 5 units

The TAD monitors small changes in ambient temperature in .25c or .5c resolution and has a normalised function to eliminate false triggers.  This basically means the device won’t immediately show a high trigger after a low trigger, which allows the device time to stabilise. Likewise it won’t indicate a low trigger after a high.  The normalise function immediately recalibrates the device but allows 400 cycles (1 minute) until opposite triggers are alerted.

The Temperature Anomaly Device is an excellent ghost hunting equipment device. Being battery operated it is fully portable.



If the temperature then drops, or a cold spot is sensed, the Blue will Light. If the temperature then rises, or a hot spot is sensed, the Red LED will then illuminate.

This device can be used to gain supporting evidence for investigations as static impulses are indicated by the LED that suggests the likelihood of Spiritual Activity And Paranormal Anomalies are greater.


To get up and running with the TAD, unscrew the lid that covers the battery compartment located on the side of the device then clip a 9v battery in place.

Push the battery and lead carefully back into the compartment, screw the lid back in place and you are good to go.


There are two switches on the TAD.  The right switch is the power control, Set it to the I position to power on.

Place the device where you are interested in investigating for temperature anomalies.  Avoid drafts, windows and doorways which can lead to false triggers.

If the TAD detects a sudden drop in temperature, it flashes blue and provides a low pitch alarm, if the temperature goes up, it flashes red and provides a higher pitch tone.

The left switch switches the sensitivity of the device.  Set this to I in order to double the sensitivity of the alarm.  This should only be used in controlled environments free of natural drafts.


When the TAD starts, it performs a system check and displays a colour cycles pattern.

It the flashes yellow during a period where it logs temperature 100 times,  This calibrates the device to your environment.

After that point, the device measures temperature every half second, and if this temperature deviates by .5 of a degree (.25 in high sensitivity mode) it will enter its alert state and the audible tone a relevant coloured LED will illuminate.



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