full spectrum camcorder nightvision
full spectrum camcorder nightvision
full spectrum camcorder nightvision





PANASONIC H20 Hard Disk Full Spectrum Camcorder

Full Spectrum Night Vision Camcorder With Internal Hard Disk Drive

Infraready Panasonic H20 Full Spectrum Converted Camcorder with 30GB Internal Drive with Filter Thread** for accommodating XRay IR / Colour Correcting Filters….

Read on for more details how to achieve normal everyday coloured images / footage

So what is different about our Full Spectrum Devices? This is not a standard off the shelf camcorder, it has been modified to allow it to see beyond our range of vision. In addition to the spectrum of colours that our eyes see in every day life, (those we recognise in a Rainbow) this camcorder will also see Ultraviolet and Infrared Light providing an immediate advantage as it enables anomalies outside of the visible spectrum to be captured. These are then stored by the camcorder as an electronic representation of the UV, Visible and IR light. Similar to how a camcorder records a video, but for an extended range of light.

** The 37mm filter thread allows you to fit additional filters to the camera.  The filters below (Not included) can be purchased for an additional cost or sourced freely from the Internet..

37mm 720nm Infrared Filter – This can be used to alter the full spectrum vision of the camera to pure Infrared.  This technique is often used by Paranormal Team in the daylight as it helps to isolate spiritual energy in the Infrared Spectrum that would usually be bleached out by the btight colours of the day.  The appearance of the images take on a ghostly appearance.

37mm 1000nm filter – As above but favoured by Daytime skywatchers for UFOLOGY for viewing cloaked devices and making vapour cloud more apparent.

37mm UV IR CUT allows the camcorder to be used as it was prior to conversion.  Filming documentaries or maybe your kids and pets.

Once you attach the above filters, a simple process has to be followed in the menu system to reset the white balance.  This process takes approx 10 seconds and can be re-evaluated to Full Spectrum Mode easily when the fikters are removed.

Like all night vision & full spectrum camcorders, illumination is essential for filming video in complete darkness.  Please see our range of Infrared illuminator products if you need to purchase an illuminator one.


This recorder can see visible colours like the human eye, but it can also see near INFRARED and Ultraviolet. As such this increases the chance of capturing paranormal activity outside of our visible sight range.

This is not a traditional camcorder for day to day use, it is a Low Lux Recorder modified to Full Spectrum.

Designed and developed for professional paranormal investigators and serious ghost hunters.

The Unit comes complete with Charger and Battery.

Since the camcorder has an internal hard drive, an SD Memory Card is optional to store stills captured by the device. If you need a memory card, a suitable card can be sourced and provided. Please contact us if required.

Please note: The Body Colour may vary to that shown in the pictures.  We utilise Refurbished Camcorders to help keep our costs low.  As such the camcorder may show some signs of previous use. It has been fully converted to Full Spectrum.

Key Features:

Hybrid recording
The innovative SDR-H20 can record to either its internal 30GB HDD or onto an SD memory card. On the HHD there is enough room for up to 27 hours of video in LP mode. SD memory cards are tough, highly resistant to damage and the elements, and small enough to take anywhere. The camera comes complete with a 512MB card.

Superior image processing
The SDR-H20 uses the Pure Colour Engine, designed to provide natural images with vivid colours. It converts the CCD output signal from a complementary colour signal into an RGB signal (containing the three primary colours in light) at an early stage and extracts the low-frequency luminance component from the RGB signal. The luminance signal is then generated in the same way as in TV broadcasting. Advanced 3D Frame Noise Reduction also provides better results when shooting with low illumination, resulting in improved colour noise reduction.

32x optical zoom
Enjoy remarkable 32x zoom magnification in a camera that fits comfortably and securely in one hand. The optical zoom captures moving pictures without image degradation. If this is not enough there is a digital zoom which runs up to 1000x.

Mega O.I.S.
Panasonic’s Optical Image Stabiliser system minimises the shake that can be such a problem with camcorders. Because Panasonic’s system is an optical one there is no degradation in image quality. Zooming tends to increase the blurring caused by shake but with O.I.S. you’ll get crisp, clear close-ups too and your pictures will look spectacular even on a large-screen TV.

Anti-shock Shield
Three systems designed to save your data. The Drop Detect function senses if the camera is falling and moves the head away from the hard drive to help prevent any possible damage. The Floating Structure surrounding the drive with vibration-proof gel protects it should the camera fall or be dropped. The Buffer Memory system automatically backs-up data when the camera detects it has been dropped. When the system returns to normal the data is automatically transferred back to the drive.

Easy to use
With the One-Touch Navigation you simply press the centre of the joystick to display an operating menu. The operations you use most often are right on the monitor, so it’s easy to change settings or operate the camera without looking away from your subject. The Mode Dial makes selections easy, just rotate the dial with your fingertip to select the icon that corresponds to the mode you want.

One-touch DVD creation
Connect the camera to a USB port on your PC, and you can copy your video data onto a 12-cm DVD disc by pressing a single button. You don’t have to do anything to the PC. Likewise, connect the camera to a DVD writer and pressing one button is all it takes to copy data to a DVD disc.

Other features
The SDR-H20 features a Colour Night Mode which gives superb results under low light conditions. It also has a 123,0000 pixel 2.7in LCD screen, Anti-Ground Shooting system, Easy On/Off and much more. The SDR-H20 combines Panasonic’s initiative technology with ease of use for superb results.




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