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ITC Decision Maker

ITC Decision Maker

A short demo of the device can be viewed by clicking the play button ▶️ in the bottom corner of the image gallery

The device is simple to use, just insert a 9v battery (not included) to power up the device and press the trigger button and the lights will sequence before they rest on one position.  There are 10 output states each having an LED.  Customised Labels can be written and placed under the holder on the front of the box with phrases that correspond to each LED.  The principle is for spirits to interact with the box and either answer questions through influencing the box or by getting one of the LEDs to light on request.

On posting the prototype of this device to Social Media, it was referred to as an ‘Electronic Ouija’.  The group running the prototype testing also gave promising feedback and confirmed that it complemented and worked well with other ITC devices that had in use.

Suggested phrases / labels for the ten LED outputs can be found below.  It is strongly advised that definitive answers should be used, phrases such as ‘Maybe’ should be avoided.











We sell a simple version of the box with two outputs for yes and no that has worked extremely well when put to the test, this device may potentially take your investigations to the next level.

Please note there may be small variances in appearance and layout but in all cases the device will function exactly as described and shown.




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