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Ghost Box Radio with Channel Hopping, Frequency Stepping, Reverb Control, Negative Ion Tesla Audio Indicator and FM Frequency Display.

Spiritbox with Reverb with Two Sweep Options, Scan and Store Channel Hopping and Frequency Stepping.

We Can Proudly Say The Box This Model Has Evolved From Has Been A Massive Hit, With Customers Including Barri Ghai Founder of The Ghostfinder Paranormal Society and Presenter of TV Show ‘Help My House Is Haunted’ And Joanne Saul, The Creator of The Alice Box ITC App. Joanne Has Kindly Supplied The Stunning Photos That Can Be Seen In The Image Gallery!

We Have Continued To Develop Our Portal And Have Added Further Features To This Model.

The Original Feature, Channel Hopping Mode, Produces A High Clarity Sweep With Well Prounouced Words Within.  The Frequency Stepping Mode Is An Addition To This Box Working Like A Traditional Ghost Box Incrementing Through the FM band at .1Mhz steps With RAW White Noise Being Present.  This Design Also Has An LCD Display On The Rear Displaying The FM Frequency.

This Ghost Box has Scan and Store circuitry by Infraready enclosed in a vintage radio shell.

This design also includes a Tesla Audio Indicator that converts to energy from the box into a visual pattern of lights.  The Tesla

Matrix also Generates Negative Ions That are Said to Feed Spiritual Energy.

The Ghost Box has become an esstential ITC tool for Ghost Hunting and Paranormal Research, one that offers a great way of communicating with spirits and entities.

Portable Battery Operated FM Sweep Radio with Regional Scan and Store function and Adjustable Volume and Reverb Control.

This Scan and Store Ghost Box Sweep Radio is not to be confused with many of the ITC devices found on Ebay that are typically built around speaker radions or cheap radios from the far east.  A lot of thought and time has been put into our ghost boxes to offer our customer a functional and unique design.

This design is possibly one of the clearest Ghost Boxes that you will hear.  A demo of the Ghost Box can be found at the bottom of the page.

These boxes are built to order.  In general we build them during the weekend and despacth on Mondays.  In all cases all orders are built and despatched within a maximum of 5 working days.


Wooden vintage radio shell approx H 28cm x W 20cm x D 18D cm

Battery Holders, Supplies power to the circuity. Requires 6 x AA batteries (Not Included).

Tesla Audio Indicator that converts energy from the box into a visual pattern of lights.  The Negative Ions and energy waves from the indicator can at times pick up on the radio, so it has a seperate battery holder allowing it to be isolated if preferable.

Volume Knob, just rotate to adjust the volume. The Ghost Box Radio is fitted with an amplifier circuit and large speaker providing a sufficient level of volume.

Reverb Control Knob, allows full adjustrment of the reverb applied.  Can be switched off like a traditional Ghost Box or increased to give full reverb that adds an echo to the audio snippets giving it the same sound as a Spirit Portal.

Sweep Mode Selection Button, when pressed switches the box between Channel Hopping And Frequnecy Stepping.  The

Channel Hopping Mode – Scan and Store Button allows the Ghost Box to retune to regional broadcast.  The Ghost Box takes around 60 seconds to scan the FM band between 88-108Mhz and stores the broadcasts.  The Ghost Box typically store between 20-30 stations which are then repatededly scanned at a moderate preset rate for optimum results.

Frequency Stepping Mode – This Is An Addition Feature On This Box Allowing A More Traditional Step Cycle Through The FM Frequncy Band between 88-108MHZ in .1MHZ Steps Which Will Introduce RAW White Noise In Your Sweep.  The Step Speed Is Non-Adjustable And Has Been Set To Provide Optimum Results When Used In Conjunction With The Reverb Feature.  The Sacn And Stire Feature Is Over Ridden In This Mode.

Backlit FM Frequency Display On The Rear Of The Device.

Volume, Reverb and Trobleshooting

When using the Tesla, to reduce the effects of feeback, the amplifier should not be turned beyond the 12 o’clock position.

If the Portal generates feedback, reducing the volume and reverb will eliminate interference.   The Tesla has an indpendent power switch it can be switched off should you wish to increase the volume further.

When the batteries in the main power pack are running low, a high pitch sqeual will become present indicating the batteries should be changed.

Appearance / Customised Service

Depending on availability of the donor Radio shell, the Ghost Box Radio may differ very slightly in appearnce to the images shown.

If you would like a specific style of radio with certain features or additional options such as Static, EMF or REM capability then please feel free to get in touch and we can discuss your design further.

Should you prefer to build your own box, we also supply the components and circuitry in kit form.


Here is a Demo of The Box Initially Built For Andrew Parkin Of The Ghostfinder Paranormal Society.

On seeing the Demo Andy Pointed Out The Following Phrases Appearing Within The Test Sweep…

35 seconds ‘go easy’ and 47 seconds ‘testing this portal’.


The following movie clip shows The Hauntings using the Infraportal at Waingroves Woods.  Lee Roberts, Ryan Griffiths and Pete Cox of The Hauntings put the Portal through its paces and get some great responses.

Please Note The Footage Contains Strong Language.


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