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Ghost Box Clean Sweep Radio




Ghost Box Clean Sweep Radio

Ghost Box Clean Sweep Radio – No Static, No Hiss, No White Noise….. It uses the same circuitry as our popular Infraportal range, utilising our scan and store FM radio setup.

This ITC Sweep Radio module has been intentionally designed to give a clean and clear reverse sweep through the stored FM stations at a steady rate.  Again, this is an intentional design for use with the built-in reverb control to merge each step of the sweep into one continuous stream of audio within which sentences and longer messages than traditional boxes can be gained.

Another feature of this box is its 3.5mm audio output socket which provides an unamplified signal.  This allows the box to be used with the external amplified mini speaker that is included or a 3.5mm male to male lead (not included) can be used to connect the Clean Sweep Radio to EVP recorders or other amplified speakers having a 3.5mm audion input.

The box is very simple to use.  Once the battery is inserted, extend the antenna and press and hold the scan and store button for one second.  The radio will then scan the FM frequency bande between 88-108Mhz which takes around 60 seconds.  This will tune the box into region, so you wont need to repeat this unless you travel to another area.  In order to maximise the number of stored channels, we advise doing this next to a window or outdoors.

The radio will require 1 x 9v battery that will provide several hours of constant use.  The mini speaker will require 2 x AAA batteries.

A movie clip showing the Radio in use can be viewed by clicking the play button that can be found in the image gallery.

As a custom built items that is made to order, the lead time from payment to despatch will be approximately 5 working days.

Please note that there may be slight changes in layout and design but in all cases the features and operation of the Radio will remain the same.



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