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Vivitar 508 Full Spectrum Cam & IR Illuminator




Vivitar 508 Full Spectrum Cam & IR Illuminator

Ghost Hunting Camcorder

This Full Spectrum Ghost Hunters Camcorder Is Ideal For Beginners Or For Occasional Use.
It Comes Complete With An IR Illuminator + Battery Pack The Camcorder Is Refurbished And May Show Some Signs Of Previous Use.

This Recorder Can See Visible Colours Like The Human Eye, But It Can Also See Near Infrared And Ultraviolet. As Such This Increases The Chance Of Capturing Paranormal Activity Outside Of Our Visible Sight Range. Ideal For Ghost Hunting Or Paranormal Investigators.

Requires Batteries + SD Card

Key Features:
Records Video Footage In HD 720p (1280 X 720)
Digital Camera Pictures Of Up To 5 Megapixels
1.8″ TFT LCD Screen
4 X Digital Zoom
Voice Recorder
TV Out Port
SD Card Support (Up To 16gb)
Experience Image Manager Software
Delete, Rotate, Protect, Crop And Print Photos Directly On And From Your Camcorder

SD Required To Use Camcorder Normally

Complete With High Power 48 Led Infrared Night Vision Illuminator!

The Infrared Illuminator Has A Total Of 48 Bright LED’s That Emit An Invisible Beam Of Light Only Visible To Night Vision Or Full Spectrum Recorders.
Includes Adjustable Bracket That Mounts Directly To The Device Using The Fixing Provided. Unlike Many Other Illuminators, An Adjustable Bracket Allows Vertical And Horizontal Adjustment To Ensure The Beam Is Aligned With The Lens, Which Is Particularly Useful As Fixed Illuminators Lose The Beam When The Camcorder Is Zoomed In.
The Illuminator Has A Light Sensitive Switch That Will Cut Off The Power When Sufficient Light Is Available Which Helps To Conserve Battery Power For When It Is Most Needed.
The Illuminator Requires A Standard 9v Battery. An Adapter Is Included To Allow Simple Attachment.
The Illuminator Can Also Be Powered Using Our 12v Dc Adapter

Infraready Paravision
Captures Ultraviolet, Visible And Infrared Light.
Like All Night Vision & Full Spectrum Camcorders, Illumination Is Essential For Filming Video In Complete Darkness.
To Use This Camcorder In The Dark, Infrared Illumination Is Required, Please See Our Range Of Illuminator Products If You Need To Purchase An Illuminator.
So What Is Different About Our Full Spectrum Devices? This Is Not A Standard Off The Shelf Camcorder, It Has Been Modified To Allow It To See Beyond Our Range Of Vision. In Addition To The Spectrum Of Colours That Our Eyes See In Every Day Life, (Those We Recognise In A Rainbow) This Camcorder Will Also See Ultraviolet And Infrared Light Providing An Immediate Advantage As It Enables Anomalies Outside Of The Visible Spectrum To Be Captured. These Are Then Stored By The Camcorder As An Electronic Representation Of The UV, Visible And IR Light. Similar To How A Camcorder Records A Video, But For An Extended Range Of Light.
Please Note: The Body Colour May Vary To That Shown In The Pictures.


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