Sony Nightshot Camera DSC V1
Sony Nightshot Camera DSC V1
Sony Nightvision Camera green photo
Sony Nightshot ghost hunting Camera green
sony nightshot ghost hunting camera

Sony Nightshot Green Image Camera




Sony Nightshot Ghost Hunting Camera For Green Nightvision Images

Sony Nightshot Ghost Hunting Camera.

The Sony DSC V1 is on of few cameras ever manufactured with dedicated nightvision capability that yields green nightvision images in complete darkness made possible by the built in IR illuminator and special nightshot sensor.

While the camera offers a modest 5mp resolution, the results are truly striking and the nightvision performance is second to none.  The professional green appearance of the resulting images are much sought after and are great to add to your paranormal portfolio, social media or group website.

The camera is refurbished, complete with rechargeable battery and charger.  A suitable Sony memory stick will be required to record still images.

Features ‘Hologram AF’ laser based low-light AF assist, five-area auto focus, Night Shot and Night Framing, USB 2.0 connectivity and full control of sharpening, tone and color saturation.




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