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Portable Ghost Box Sweep Radio


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Portable Ghost Box Sweep Radio

Portable Ghost Box Sweep Radio with White Noise and Static.  The box is simple and easy to use.  Just power on and adjust the valume and sweep rate via the two knobs on the front of the device.

Click the play button in the image gallery to see the Ghost Box in use.

Infrareadys Portable Ghost Box Sweep Radio not only offers a more appealing design, it also has the edge over the majority of well known mass produced off-the-shelf ghost boxes you may be familiar with.

The box is amplified, very loud and clear, no need for any additional speakers are required with this little box!

The Ghost Box Sweep Radio will sweep through the FM broadcast band repeatedly looping through 88 – 108Mhz.  The Ghost Box steps in increments of .1Mhz and the sweep rate can be adjusted to step from as less than second and increased up to seven steps per second providing the ability to step slower or faster than many others.  Unlike some Ghost Boxes, the sweep rate doesnt stick, hold or stutter, it is very smooth.

Backlit LCD display that reads off the frequency .  Another great feature is the signals strength indicator.  This will help you to establish whether resulting messages are made up from pockets of Audio from the FM broadcast or from other sources.  For example, a high signal strength would suggest the messages are from FM and where the signal strength is weak then other sources may well be communicating with you.

The sweep can also be turned off completely allowing it to be used as a standard FM radio if required!

The layout and design of the box may vary slightly but in all cases the performance and functionality will be equal.

Requires 4 x AA batteries (not included)


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