ghost hunting camera infrared photography
ghost hunting camera infrared photography
ghost hunting camera infrared photography
ghost hunting camera infrared photography
ghost hunting camera infrared photography
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Nikon 5400 Full Spectrum Camera

£145.00 £129.00



Modified Nikon 5400 Full Spectrum Conversion with RAW Image Mode

Can Be Used With External Infrared Filters For Infaread Photography or Paired With IR Illumination For Night Vision And Ghost Hunting.
Burst Flash / Strobe Flash Feature – Set The Flash Rate Between 1 – 10 Pulses To Freeze Motion On One Frame
(External Ir Speedlite Flash Required – Not Supplied)
The Flash Can Be Converted To Infrared On Request So That It Becomes Near Invisible To The Naked Eye
Internal Filter Modification. Fast Exposures. No Tripod Necessary.
Focus Calibrated For Clear Sharp Images
Filter Adapter Tubes Can Be Used With The Camera To Allow Infrared Filters To Be Mounted Allowing Colour And Monochrome Ir Images To Be Take Easily (Suitable For Full Spectrum Option Only Suitable Mount Required, Available On Ebay For Less Than £10)
Professional Full Spectrum / Infrared Camera
Ideal For Infrared Photography , Nocturnal Wildlife / Nightvision Or For The Advanced Paranormal Investigator
As The Standard Internal Hot Mirror Filter Has Been Replaced With One That Allows UV / Visible / Infrared Light To Pass, External Filters Can Be Used To Control The Wavelengths Of Light Reaching The Sensor. All Types Of Infrared Images Can Be Achieved Using This Technique.
Full Spectrum Cameras Are The First Choice For Those Wishing To Capture Nocturnal Wildlife Like Bats, Badgers, Foxes And Beavers As The Camera Can Be Paired With Infrared Illumination To Allow It To See In The Dark!!! We Stock A Wide Range Of Illuminators, Please Contact Us If Required.
Full Spectrum Converted Cameras Are Also Preferred By Paranormal Investigators As It Allows The User To Yield As Much Potential Light As Possible, Extending The Potential For Documenting Evidence. If Using The Camera In Complete Darkness Infrared Illumination Will Be Required.
We Would Be Delighted To Help If You Have Any Questions Regarding This Camera And How It Can Be Used To Get The Best Out Of It Either For Infrared Photography Or For Filming Wildlife / Ghost Hunting In Complete Darkness.
The Following Is A Brief Description Of The Cameras Capabilities…
Using For Infrared Photography / Nocturnal Wildlife / Ghost Hunting!
Full Spectrum Conversion Offer Far More Flexibility Than Fixed Infrared Filters As Once They Are Converted They Allow The User To Fit Infrared Filters To The Lens Thread To Achieve All Types Of Infrared Photography. These Styles Include Super Blue 470nm, Goldie 550nm, Faux Colour / Red Blue Channel Swapping 670nm, Monochrome 720nm, Deep Contrast/ Saturation 850nm, Faux Xray Effect 1000nm (Possible To See Through Certain Clothing and Fabrics Etc)
The Camera Can Be Used In Normal Daylight But As It Will Yield Infrared And Ultraviolet Some Colours Take On A Different Appearance To How Our Eyes See Them. We Can List Additional Filters On Request That Can Be Fitted To The Lens That Correct This So That You Can Use The Camera As A Normal For Everyday Use!!!!
Instant Infrared Images, They Even Appear So That You Can Compose Infrared Images In Live View!!
Likewise You Can See Infrared Illumination And Use The LCD Display To See Images In The Dark
Our Infrared Illuminators Can Be Used With This Camera At Night To Record Still Images And Movies In Pitch Black Darkness.
Converted Camera, Battery And Charger Will Be Supplied Accessories, Box, Cables Will Only Be Supplied Where Available
Compact Flash Card Will Be Required To Store Images

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