KII Meter 2020 s2A Board

KII EMF Meter With Decision Maker


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KII EMF Meter With Decision Maker

KII EMF Meter With Decision Maker Modified By Infraready Ltd.  Conveniently combines a traditional KII EMF meter with Yes/No decision maker.

When buying a KII look out for counterfeits, All of our KII Meters are 100% Genuine Guaranteed.

All of our KII meters have the latest revision S2A printed circuit boards for 2020.

Click the play button in the image gallery to see the modified KII in use.

Infraready Are One Of Few Suppliers In The UK That Are Authorised And Sell Real KII Meters. If The Price Is Too Good To Be True, Then Its Most Probably A Fake Meter.

Fake Meters Give False Readings.  Readings From Fake Meters Are Incorrect And Can Not Be Used As Scientific Evidence For Paranormal Research.

9v Battery Included, A Black Or Grey Meter Will Be Supplied Depending On Stock.

The modification to the KII meter sees the addition of a yes/no decision maker allowing the potential to communicate With Spirits And Paranormal Entities Using This Binary Response Device….

As one of our popular selling devices, we have developed the circuitrty used within our Yes / No box and have added it to complement the KII EMF meter.

Safely Communicate With Spirits In Response To Questions The Box Will Show A Red LED For ‘No’ And A Green LED For ‘Yes’.

Prepare A Set Of Questions, It Is Best To Start With One That You Know The Response To.

For Example We Would Ask, “Is Our Website Store Called Infraready”

This Will Help You To Gain Confidence That Yes/No indicator Is Giving The Correct Response.

You Can Then Start Asking Paranormal / Spiritual Questions

We Only Advise Experienced Investigators Who Know How To Safely Contact Spirits To Use This Device.

More about the KII meter itself…..

The K2 Is Often Used As A Means Of Communication With The Paranormal World And The LEDs Can Remain Static, Fall Or Increase In Response To Questions.  Adding a REM to the device extends its ability to provide credible evidence for ghost hunting and paranormal investigation.

The KII is Ideal For Detecting Low Frequency Electro Magnetic Fields, Whether It Be For Paranormal Use Or Around The House To See The Invisible World Of Radiation That Is Present.

The K2 EMF Meter Is Potentially The Most Widely Used Tool In Paranormal Research And Ghost Hunting. It Is Renowned For Its Accuracy And Ease Of Use. Just Click The Button To Switch It On/Off And Simply Take Reading From The LED’s That Indicate Field Strength From As Low As 1.5 Milligauss (Mg) To Over 20 Mg.


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