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REM-POD Temperature
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REM Pod With Temperature


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REM Pod With Temperature

REM Pod With Temperature. Ghost Hunting Equipment By Infraready For Paranormal Investigation.

Latest 2020 revision with added on/off switch.  Press the play button located on the product images to see the device in use.

As seen on Series 2 of Help my House is Haunted! on Really TV in January 2020.  This device was built to combine a REMPOD with an LCD temeparture readout for the show and is now available for general purchase.  As always, it was a pleasure to assist with equipment for their investigations.

The REM POD emits a field around the antenna.  If the proximity of the field is disturbed an audible alert will sound and the REM LED indicator illuminates.

The Temperature Display has three bright 8 Segment LEDs that display the temperature of your surroundings with a broad range of  -50 to 100 Celcius.

The device has been developed through several field tests by some of the UK’s leading Paranormal Investigation Teams.  The combination of REM and Temperature provides greater accuracy of triggers and alerts, adding credibility to the evidence you record during Paranormal Investigations.

A 9V battery is required to power the Ghost Detector Pod that stows neatly inside the unit.

This device is ideal for serious / advanced paranormal investigators and due to its overall simplicity also for everyday ghost hunters.

The Infrapod REM Pod With Temperature can be used a a trigger device to respond to calling or seance or solely as a visual audible indicator of detecting close proximity.

A brief demo can be viewed below.  A longer movie can be viewed by clicking the play button in the image gallery.


The REMtemp device in use on Help! My House Is Haunted S2 with Jayne Harris of HD paranormal events… Press the play button to watch…