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Hot and Cold Spot Pod

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Hot and Cold Spot Pod

The Hot and Cold Spot Pod is a valuable piece of ghost hunting equipment and being battery operated it is fully portable.  The LED illuminates in three colour, Blue (Cold), Green (Ambient) and Red (Hot).

The Hot and Cold Spot Pod can be powered on by removing the battery cover and clipping a 9v Battery (not included) on to the battery terminals and then pressing the on button located on the top of the device.

As the ambient temperature is likely to vary each time you use this device, it is fitted with a potentiometer that can be easily turned to set the device for use.

When the device is first powered on the potentiometer should be adjusted clockwise to the point where the LED illuminates Green.  If the temperature then drops, or a cold spot is sensed, the LED will turn Blue.  If the temperature then rises, or a hot spot is sensed, the LED will return to Green or illuminate Red if the temperature sense continues to rise beyond the preset state.

This device can be used to gain supporting evidence for investigations as static impulses are indicated by the LED that suggests the likelihood of Spiritual Activity And Paranormal Anomalies are greater.





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