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Doorway Laser Alarm – DIY Kit


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Doorway Laser Alarm – DIY Kit

This DIY paranormal laser doorway trigger kit contains all of the components required to build your own Ghsot Hunting Lockdown Trigger.

The Kit is simple to build, full instructions how to do so can be found in the product demo further down the page.

The Kits contains a laser transmitter and components to build a laser receiver / alarm.  The unit can be assembled without solder, but it makes a more permanent fix if you are looking to house the circuitry in your own box.

Once assembles, the transmitter and receiver can be aligned across a doorway, acting as a trip wire that sounds an audible tone and illuminates an LED.

Ideal for Ghost Hunting and Paranormal Research, the Paranormal Doorway Laser Alarm is portable and battery powered.  It is easy to Operate.  A total of 4 x AA batteries are needed (Batteries not included)


The LED will light and the Audible alarm will sound if the beam is broken, whether that be  intentionally or potentially spiritual or paranormal activity if there is no human presence near the device when it triggers.  The Paranormal Doorway Laser Alarm is a great way of gaining supporting evidence and supporting your own observations.

The Ghost Hunting Doorway Alarm Tripwire can be used during investigations as a trigger when activity is provoked by the User, Medium or Séance. Calling techniques can be used to ask present spirits to activate / deactivate the LED.


A demo of the assembled circuits in action.  A small amount of vape smoke has been used to show the path of the laser beam.


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