full spectrum nightvision cam infrared
full spectrum nightvision camera infrared
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Ghost Hunting Equipment and Cameras
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Ghost Hunting Night Vision Cam
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2 in 1 Night Vision Camera + IR Illuminator and Flash




2 in 1 Night Vision Camera + IR Illuminator and Flash

This Night Vision Camera is a 2-in-1 device capable of taking still iamages and movies in complete darkness.

The camera mode is equipped with an IR flash that allows you to take images discreetly in the dark.  The camcorder can be paired with the IR Illuminator to record movies too.

Large 2.4 Inch Colour Screen, 8x Digital Zoom, Complete with High Power 48 Infrared LED Nightvision Illuminator and built in IR flash

Ideal for Paranormal Research and Ghost Hunts.

The device offers a Wide Dymanic Range and is Sensitive to Ultraviolet, Visible and Infrared.

The IR flash emits invisible light that can only be seen by night vision equipment.

Unlike rigid mount Illuminators this device includes an adjustable bracket that allows the illuminator beam to be aligned perfectly with the subject.

The Recorder requires regular ‘AA Cell’ alkaline or Ni-MH rechargeable batteries, eliminating worries about running out of power virtually anywhere, anytime.

The illuminator requires a standard 9v battery. An adapter is included to allow simple attachment. The units can also be powered using a 12vdc adapter which can be listed at an additional cost if required.

What does Full Spectrum mean????

This recorder can see VISIBLE colours like the human eye but it can also see near INFRARED and Ultraviolet As such this increase the chance of capturing paranormal activity outside of our visible sight range Ideal for Ghost Hunting or PARANORMAL INVESTIGATORS

Requires batteries + SD card


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