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Ghost Box Sweep Radio – 3 Band (FM/AM/LW)




Hacked Sweep Radio FM/AM/LW

Ghost Box Sweep Radio – This hacked radio provides some amazing results and is excellent value for money.

The Ghost Box Sweep Radio receives a good balance of static, white noise and broadcast radio signals.

We take a new Radio and hack it to sweep through the FM/AM/LW radio bands.

A switch has been fitted to allow the user to change the sweep direction.

On powering on the Ghost Box Sweep Radio, the band button can press for around 1 second to switch between FM/AM/LW Frequencies.


Battery Powered by 4xAA cells (not supplied)

Backlit Display, ideal for use in dark conditions

Extendable Antenna, allows you to increase / decrease the sensitivity of the signal

Desk Stand, allows the radio to be titled back for better view and ease of use.

Excellent, loudspeaker, very loud!

3.5mm External Headphone socket allowing you to connect an external speaker, headphones, EVP recorder or a Laptop.

Please click the play button in the image gallery to see a short demo of the Ghost Box and its functions.


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