faux colour infrared camera s6500
monochrone ir infrared camera s6500
faux colour ir infrared camera s6500
infrared converted camera full spectrum ir nm conversion modified
infrared converted camera full spectrum ir nm conversion modified
ghost hunting cam wifi
full spectrum ghost hunting camera

Full Spectrum Ghost Hunting Camera (NIKON S6500 – WiFi)

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The camera will be converted by removing and replacing the internal filter to the buyers choice of filter available in the dropdown menu below.

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Full Spectrum Ghost Hunting Camera

(NIKON S6500 – WiFi View and Control via your Smartphone)

Full Spectrum Ghost Hunting Camera modified by replacing the internal filter allowing you to compose and view full spectrum images in real time.

The Nikon S6500 has Wifi Connectivity allowing easy remote viewing and control of the camera to your smartphone.

Proven to be the most effective for Ghost Hunting, this type of conversion is usually the first choice for the amateur ghost hunter or professional paranormal investigation team. The conversion process requires an internal filter to be removed which allows the device to continue to capture visible light with the added advantage of being sensitive to near Ultraviolet and Infrared wavelengths extending the opportunity of capturing anomalies/activity. Once modified the device allows the user to view this mix of visible and normally invisible light in real time.

So what is different about our Full Spectrum Devices ???

This is not a standard off the shelf camera, it is a Full Spectrum Ghost Hunting Camera and has been modified to allow it to see beyond our range of vision.

In addition to the spectrum of colours that our eyes see in every day life, (those we recognise in a Rainbow) this camera will see Ultraviolet and Infrared Light providing and immediate advantage as it enables anomalies outside of the visible spectrum to be captured. These are then stored by the camera as an electronic representation of the UV, Visible and IR light. Similar to how a camera recordes a picture, but for and extended range of light.

Another advantage of the Full Spectrum Ghost Hunting Camera is that it is nightvision ready meaning it can be paired with Infrared Illumination to enable the taking of images at night.

Please contact us if you need any help selecting suitable illumination should you wish to take advantage of this feature.

We use a selected range of good quality used cameras to help keep costs down, therefore this particular model may show signs of previous use.

Key Features:

High performance 12x optical Zoom-NIKKOR glass lens
Built-in Wi-Fi® connectivity for sharing beautiful photos anytime, anywhere
Lens-shift Vibration Reduction keeps your shots steady, even when your hands are not
16-megapixel CMOS image sensor delivers maximum image quality and low-light performance
Full 1080p HD video recording with stereo sound

Please note: The Body Colour may vary to that shown in the pictures.


Additional information


Monochrome Infrared (700 / 800nm), Faux Colour Infrared (600 / 695nm), Goldie (550nm), Super Enhanced Colour, Deep Contrast (850-900nm), Super Blue (470nm), Full Spectrum (UV/VIS/IR), NDVI (WRATTEN 25)


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