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Arduino Spirit Box Radio – Adjustable Sweep

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Arduino Ghost Box ITC Sweep Radio

Arduino Ghost Box Sweep Radio with Circuitry Built by Appydroid, Housed in A Unique Vintage Radio Shell.

The Ghost Box has become an esstential ITC tool for Ghost Hunting and Paranormal Research.  They offer a great way of communicating with spirits and entities.

Portable Battery Operated FM Sweep Radio with Adjustable Sweep Rate, Volume Control and Sweep Direction (Forward, Reverse and Random Modes).

This Arduino Ghost Box Sweep Radio is not to be confused with many found on Ebay that are often built around basic speakers or cheap radios from the far east.  A lot of thought and time has been put into our ghost boxes to offer our customer a functional and unique design.


Wooden vintage radio shell.

Frequency display positioned on the rear to retain the original facia and vintage look of the radio.

Battery Pack with On/Off switch.  Requires 4xAA batteries.  Supplies power to the circuity.

Volume Knob, just rotate to adjust the volume. The radio is fitted with an amplifier circuit and large speaker providing a sufficient level of volume.

Sweep Speed Knob, simply rotate it to control the sweep rate.  Fine adjustment giving slow steps or fast pulse sweep.

Speed Toggle Switch with three positions allows the user to select froward, reverse or random sweep.  White noise is distributed between each step of frequency.

Wire Antenna can be extended to increase pickup or coil up to partially de-tune the reception.


The Radio Scans a Broad FM Frequncy Range between 75 and 111Mhz.

Power on the device by using the switch on the battery pack.

Set the sweep direction, then the sweep speed and finally adjust the volume to suit.

Appearance / Customised Service

As the Arduino Ghost Box Sweep Radio is unique in appearance, each box will differ from that shown in the product images.  While it will have the same functionality and features as described, it will be housed in its own unique retro radio shell similar in appearance and size.  If you would like to see the Radios that we have available at this time, so that you can chose a specific style, then please contact us prior to purchase.

If you would like a specific style of radio with certain features or additional options such as Static, EMF or REM capability then please feel free to get in touch and we can discuss your design further.



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