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Mini Spirit Portal Station / Portable Paranormal Wonderbox



Spirit Portal Station by Infraready
Please note we build this Portal to order.  As such it usually takes up to 5 working days to despatch.
If you require one with urgency, get in touch using the contact form before purchasing.
We don’t believe that a Portal requires strings of fairy lights, unnecessary bent bits or metal or antiqued wooden boxes.  However, unlike the suppliers that sell those type, we believe in using the best circuitry, no shortcuts taken.
This device will improve and enhance spirit communication devices removing static from PSB7 sweeps and adding reverb and clarity to iOS and Android Portal and Spirit Box apps.
Whilst this may appear to be a no-frills Spirit Portal, no compromises have been taken.
After a great deal of trial and error, we have sourced the best quality circuits that give pleasing results.  As we constantly seek to improve our Spirit Portal, Please note that the two switch units may vary from that shown in the images but the functionality and quality of units will be equal or better.
Please see the movies below that shows how to setup the Portal using a PSB7 (not provided) as an input.



The Following Demos show our more expensive box that we program and build following the Huff Paranormal Blueprint.  Our own box is well on par with the more expensive setup, doesnt require any programming, its just simple and easy to use.  We have included the following clips to demonstrate the functionality of the Spirit Portal.  You will be able to achieve the same results and use the same devices as inputs (PSB7, Tablets with Apps installed, etc)…..




What is a Spirit Portal Station?
Its basically a portal for communicating with spirits.
The Station adds Reverb and Removes Static Noise From Ghost Box Sweeps.
The station has a 3.5mm input jack allowing various inputs….
For the Beginner it to be easily connected to common spirit boxes such as the PSB7 / PSB11.
For the advanced user, the Station can also be used with Android / Apple Apps such as ‘Spiritus Ghost Box’ which also includes an incredible visual ITC loop mode or ‘Portal Plus’ for Android.  These Apps are available from the App Store / Google Play.
What is included?
Reverb / Echo switch unit.  No programming necessary.  Just switch on and go.
Variable Control of the reverb via the control panel. Reverb can be disabled using the kill switch.
Noise Killing Circuit – This reduces static off the sweep.  Static hinders communication with spirit, so
here lies the perfect solution.
Marshall Powered Speaker – Allowing you to amplify the signal once the static filtering and reverb settings have been applied.
Mains Adapter / Connections
 (Battery pack can be used, not included**)
Each components is mounted to the wooden base using 3M velcro so they can be easily removed for storage if required, or swapped out for different modules.


What else will you need? These items are NOT INCLUDED
A PSB7 or Spirit Box with 3.5mm Headphone Jack.  These can be found in our store.
An IPhone/Ipad or Android Tablet / Smartphone with 3.5mm headphone jack with a suitable Portal / Spirit box app.
**9V battery pack can be used to make the device fully portable, not supplied.  Please note 9-12v required with Positive centre pin.  We can list the specific battery packs if required.


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