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V2 Kinect SLS Portable Camera with High Spec Dual OS Tablet


£489.00 £449.00

Rare V2 Portable Kinect with Brand New High Spec 10 Inch Tablet and Pre-Installed Enhanced Software


Jan 2019: We Currently Have A Shortage Of Tablets For The V2 Kinect.  We HaveA Shipment Arriving Later in Jan 2019.  Please Contact Us If You Would Like To Pre-Order for Delivery Later In The Month.

V2 Kinect SLS Portable High Resolution Stickman Camera

V2 Kinect SLS Portable Camera with High Spec Dual OS Tablet

While we build, configure and test each Mobile Kinect Tablet to order, the despatch is typically 2 working days from receipt of payment.  .  Our design continues to improve based on feedback from our customers.  As such, the setup received may have slight variations in appearance.  In all cases functionality and performance remains the same, or better.

The V2 Kinect SLS Portable Camera with High Spec Dual OS Tablet should not be confused with the commonly seen V1 kinect cameras.
The V2 design with Higher Resoloution and ability to track up to 6 skeletal figures.

The Setup is complete with High Spec Windows Tablet pre-installed with 2 simple to use SLS prorgams.

The Kinect software has been simplified allowing the user to record images and audio within the same app, rather than having to use two or more applications with the V1 camera.

This V2 Kinect SLS Portable Camera with High Spec Dual OS Tablet setup incorporates the later V2 sensor, giving superior hi-res images over the V1 sensor.

The V2 software offers enhanced features and is also more user friendly and easier to navigate…. ideal for technophobe or if you have limited knowledge of PC’s / Windows, etc.

The Kinect Camera is widely used for Ghost Hunting, mainly as a SLS (Structured Light Sensor) camera, with the ability to track skeletal movement.

In addition, the Kinect Camera can also be utilised for recording coloured footage, and also night vision utilising the build in Infrared Light Matrix.

What is Included? ………

  • V2 Kinect SLS Portable Camera with High Spec Dual OS Tablet,
  • Tablet Holder
  • Handle Grip / Tripod
  • Brand New, High Spec, Dual OS 10 Inch Touchscreen Tablet
  • Latest Pre-installed software for the V2 sensor (Kinect and FAAST) allowing Standard Camera Mode, Mirror Image Camera Mode, Infrared Camera (enables you to capture images in the dark), Colour / Monochrome Depth Mode, Stickman mode / Skeletal Viewer (Full Body / Trunk / Facial Recognition) and much more. The Kinect software can be used to view or record but we recommend downloading a free screen recorder such as OBS Studio.  A demo of this software using a V1 sensor can be viewed at the bottom of this page.
  • 3 pin UK, 12v mains adaptor for occasions where you wish to power the device using mains electricity.
  • 8AA Enclosed Battery Pack for Powering The Portable Kinect
  • 10AA Open Top Battery Pack for Boosted Power.


What is it for? ………

The Kinect V2 Sensor has been taken from an XBOX gaming system.

Various developers have since created programs to utilise the KINECT sensor well beyond it’s intended use such as the Skeletal Viewer or SLS Camera (Structured Light Sensor) for Paranormal Investigation.

The KINECT sensor projects over one million small infrared beams over a wide field of view. The sensor recognises changes in depth as and when each of the beams are broken, allowing the device to build a 3D model of its view. The software has been programmed to recognise Skeletal and Facial characteristics, which the device uses to create the ‘stickman’ when it recognises a human body or spirit.

Once paired with your device, the setup can be used to view or record various type of data relative to the software you select from the toolkit provided. Examples include;

Skeletal Recognition (Stickman Mode)

Facial Recognition / Facial Replacement

IR Nighvision Camera

Depth Camera (Colour or Monochrome to indicate Depth)


How to use the tablet…..

Unlike the V1 setup, the V2 kinect is simple to operate.  Rather than provide a lengthy set of instructions with the device, this simple video clip will get you up and running in next to no time…..





Tips for best use….

While the tablet can be used for recording data, there is limited space available after we have installed the relevant software.  If the memory runs out before a recording session is closed by the user, the resulting files are often unreadable.  as Such, we advise leaving the remaining memory on the tablet free for processing and recommend using a micro SD card for recording SLS data or Screen Recordings to.  To do this, insert a formatted micro SD card in to the Tablet, open the software you wish to use and then set the recording destination to the SD card.


Warranty Information……

The setup carries a 30 day warranty from receipt of delivery and lifetime technical support via email.


Compared to the V1 sensor often used, The V2 sensor offers greater resolution and definition….







The movie below gives an in depth overview of the Kinect V2 for Windows and Software









Here is a demo of the OBS Studio screen recorder using a V1 sensor



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