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Paranologies Electrascope (Handheld Triboelectric Field Meter)



This is the Paranologies Electrascope.  copyright © 2011 Paranologies

With the Electrascope you can follow static fields that may be traveling to pinpoint where the energy is coming from.

Static fields are natural dc electric fields that can be present on an object or a human. They can exist in the air especially during a thunderstorm. Static fields are different from magnetic fields which most meters in the Paranormal field pick up.  Magnetic fields are used widely throughout today’s technology and therefore can make a meter false. Since the Electrascope detects static fields, it is less likely to create a false positive.

Tailored for paranormal investigation’s to detect static fields we cannot see. Static fields can be detected by a human when the hair is lifted up from one’s arm during an investigation or when you touch a person and it sparks.

Ambient orange light to detect the unit in the dark.

Work’s off 2 AAA Batteries (not included)

Please watch the video below for more info.




More about Paranologies Equipment

  • While Paranologies Test’s all its equipment with actual Paranormal Team’s with good results, this is in no way proof of detecting anything Paranormal. Any sensor used for a Paranormal Investigation can and will false. It is up to the User of the sensor to use control testing while looking for intelligent patterns before it may be deemed Paranormal.
  • All images/video’s of our Paranologies equipment are subject to change without notice. Features and specifications of the products may differ slightly from those shown and listed on this site. If you receive an Item that differs from our site, it is an improvement to the product and the newest version available. Paranologies are constantly striving to improve their products by gathering data from our Focus groups and our independent Investigations.  All of the images/videos are subject to Paranologies copyright and cannot be used without their written permission.





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