Nightvision, full spectrum and infrared cameras and camcorders,
paranormal meters, trigger devices and IR illumination.

nightvision camcorders

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  • Brought these IR lights and they are amazing! It brightens the whole camcorder screen up, unlike my other Polaroid ones I had. We use these for paranormal investigations. So if you are looking for decent lights these are the ones!

  • I’m a technophobe so I purchased the whole package. Everything was delivered & installed as promised & the online instructions are clear. Its really easy to use, record & playback. Am very pleased with the after sales service too. Thanks!

  • I received the G5 with 720nm filter in excellent condition within two weeks of ordering from the US. The shipment included batteries, charger and strap. My collection of Olympus lenses work well with it and the camera learning curve is not steep if you read the PDF manual. An inexpensive way to enjoy a new type of photography.

  • Fab piece of Equipment, well built, easy to use.

  • Excellent product. Easy to use. Would definitely recommend. Very fast delivery. Can’t wait to use it on my next ghost hunt

  • Quick delivery and came in original packaging with the speaker as well. Really good device for catching live EVPs.
    So good buying equipment like this in the UK as items like these are rare to find in the UK. Saves expensive P&P from the US! Glad I found this website.

  • Quick delivery! Due to people of a certain age being irresponsible with laser grid pens they are very difficult to find/buy now so I am really glad I found this website that is also based in the UK and not the US. Had my first laser pen stolen so I am very glad to get another one.

  • Go check the YouTube video, it’s really well done. It makes it easy to make the difference.

  • I wanted a 720nm monochrome converted camera for infrared photography. It needed to be reasonably compact as being carried alongside DSLR’s (at this stage I did not want another DSLR body to carry around), preferably Nikon to be compatible with my Nikon DLSR’s and Nikon software and it must have RAW capabilities to make best use of processing. I also needed Live View to see what I was taking and be capable of handheld use. I eventually decided on a converted Nikon P7100. Having stumbled upon Infraready during my research I purchased this model. Very pleased with results, easy to use and meets all my above requirements. Have been able to set a custom white balance so camera monitor shows the monochrome images, making it easier to use. Nikon software allows direct processing of the monochrome images whereas Adobe PS requires further steps. Finally Andy Bailey of Infraready gave excellent service with advice, conversion and supply.

  • Good prices and fast shipping to Sweden, thumbs up! πŸ˜€

  • Good prices and fast shipping to Sweden, thumbs up! πŸ˜€

  • excellent service by infraready I always use them for ghost hunting supplies A great item that is easy to use

  • Just tested the shield cage, it works on the weakest signals, for instance, radios that have a transmitter pretty close to your home will still be heard as an interference.
    Is it worth buying, well I’m 50-50 on that one… :/

  • Really nice camera. Better on a sunny day if you want to take some outside views.
    Sensibility on night shots (pictures) is good, when filming outside, even with an illuminator you can’t see that far, maybe 10m (30 feet).
    Anyway it’s an interesting piece of equipment, whatever you’re interested in the paranormal or not.

  • these pens used in conjunction with the double tripod are an excellent addition to our equipment. Incredibly good value for money. Happy to recommend them.

  • Great for forward and reverse scanning across rooms and corridors. A really sturdy and useful piece of kit. Highly recommended for that additional edge when searching for evidence.

  • SoPhiE arrived today safe and sound good packaging as always. Inserted the 9volt battery. And off we go let the test begin. She’s super soft cuddly. Great sound loud enough to leave as a trigger object on her own. Good lights very bright. Sensastive to touch and should work a real treat. Super excited to put her through her paces on our next investigation. Thank you again infraready as always a pleaseure will give more feedback once we test her on our next investigation

  • great product works well with our investigations

  • Great for use on its own or with the Ovilus App on smart phones. Would certainly recommend it.

  • first pen was faulty, however, the customer service was fantastic and a replacement was dispatched immediately. I am very impressed and have no problem using Infraready again for my orders. Thanks Andy!

  • well built looks good cant wait to use it.

  • Arrived very quick the day it was supposed to be dispatched very pleased with it would use this site again

  • Infraready does it again, fast delivery, great products and to a good price! πŸ™‚

  • Infraready does it again, fast delivery, great products and to a good price! πŸ™‚

  • Infraready does it again, fast delivery, great products and to a good price! I really recommend this bear… πŸ™‚

  • Camera arrived as described and works great! Thank you, would definitely recommend your site.

  • Excellent camcorder which has been converted to full spectrum very well, it’s all ready to go to film in infrared as soon as it’s switched on as there is no messing about with any settings, and it’s a simple and easy to use device for a complete beginner like me. Very helpful customer service too with the purchase and fast delivery, thank you!

  • excellent camcorder, palm sized nice zoom

  • Myself and my wife are avid Paranormal Investigation Enthusiasts and this SLS was to be our ultimate christmas gift for us to add to our ever growing arsenal of equipment.
    Infraready is a trusted producer of all things paranormal/UFO investigations, have brought before the SLS and would be more than happy to purchase again.

  • Hi Andy!

    The camera arrived this week. Except for the filter adapter coming unglued in shipping, the camera is fine. I used hot glue to create a more substantial bond in the form of a strong bead around the back of the adapter – this works much better than super glue. I like the IR light unit – it is automatic, with its own built-in light sensor, and casts plenty of light into a substantial area. I viewed two definite UFOs the first night, and filmed one of them. Both are very strange – one of them looks like two squares of light side-by-side, joined by a short beam. It flared twice, slowly, then went dark without moving. I am able to cable this camera into my flatscreen TV, where I can examine the footage in detail. The images are crisp and clear, with good color and resolution. The zoom and image stabilization work very smoothly, and the camera is very simple and straight-forward in operation. All-in-all, you chose well for me!

    Thanks again!

  • Took me a little while to choose this camcorder but glad I did, so far it’s been great.

    The good points is that it’s really light, almost dropped it a few times as I forgot it was in my hands, it’s also very small, it can literally fit in most pockets. Easy to use menu, it’s not a touch screen like some other Panasonic models but I always find this fiddly anyway as the screen is only ever big enough to press with the side of your finger.
    The quality of the video and audio is good, I haven’t played with different formats but it does keep up well and focus pretty good. It holds up to a 64GB SD card and you’ll get about 12 hours of footage on that, using at a normal temperature and function, like continuous use, not pressing lots of buttons. I can use it with a power bank for continuous use, which is ideal, nothing worse than running out of batteries.

    The downsides are like I say, the battery life being short, you get about 1 hour with the battery provided but this is quite normal for most camcorders, the additional batteries are quite cheap to buy though. There is also no MIC jack so you can’t enhance the audio with an attachment but the audio is quite good.

    Great little piece of equipment for the price.

  • Fast delivery excellent service quality product

  • hi i have a nikon p600 coolpix superzoom that i would like a full spectrum conversion with filters for normail and ir photos please advise

  • OMG what an amazing product, we captured some really great footage in an empty room, absolutely brilliant, well worth the money

  • Pole arrived quickly. Does exactly what it says, very happy with my purchase. The courier had bashed the package somewhat, damaging one of the pole’s accessories, this was speedily addressed and resolved by Infraready. I would recommend the pole and supplier and give them full five star rating

  • Good pole, lightweight and excellent value for money. I use it for roof surveys.

  • Very pleased with this REM Pod. We have had good results and have recommended this to a team who are the resident paranormal investigators of an historic building. Andy’s advice and service is second to none, as always.

  • I recently purchased β€˜Izzy’ The Ghost Hunting Bear – KII EMF Detecting Trigger from this company, the product is absolutely amazing and very professionally made and the staff are extremely helpful! Arrived quickly and I am looking forward to using this piece of equipment on my next investigation! Would definitely recommend. 5*****

  • The camera extender pole is exactly what I needed – light weight yet sturdy and product arrived as described and on time. Andy then assisted with a couple of tips and would use again with no hesitation.

  • I purchased the Olympus XZ-1 from Infraready and I am pleased with it. It arrived in the original packaging with all the cables, instruction manual, plastic packaging and original box. The camera is in great condition and I am looking forward to using it outdoors. I had excellent communication with Infraredy when enquiring about postage.

  • wow this does work!

  • Would just like to Thank Andy so much for 1, his communication 2, the support was amazing.
    The team are now using the sls camara on our investigations. Once again THANK you so much and would recommend Infraready to everyone.


  • I purchased this camcorder which came today it’s absolutely perfect, everything about it is great its very compact and very easy to use, looks fantastic my son has been using it and the quality of the video and sound are excellent comes with a great little docking station and a lovely good quality case, I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a camcorder can’t wait to take it on holidays…

  • I purchased this camera in May 2018 and I am extremely happy with the camera itself and the excellent service I received from Andy at Infraready. I can highly recommend the company and service.

  • I am an ecologist and wanted a camcorder that I could use in low light situations; particularly for bat surveys. I subsequently purchased a full spectrum Panasonic HC-V180 camera from Infraready, during the purchase process I received excellent service both in terms of technical assistance and price. My camcorder was delivered promptly, and I have successfully used the V180 on several occasions during my bat surveys.

  • It’is ok

  • A superb camcorder and superb customer service.

  • Hello Did download Alice.. but was using windows 8, and it keep crashing so had to keep removing it from laptop in the end laptop crashed.. ykes Laptop old it wasn’t in a good state.. But Dont think would want to have a tablet of it .. if possible a download as Link does not work for me as It keep crashing 30 days were up I only used it a couple of times Many thanks from J would pay for down link

  • Sorry Mistakes with spelling using another smaller laptop zoom not great all the Best!

  • Fantastic product and service, great to find a uk based company, N.I.P Investigations

  • Yet another fantastic piece of ghost hunting equipment our team has purchased from Infraready. Fantastic , helpful service , quick delivery .

  • Great little ghost hunting tool. Fantastic quality & as always quick delivery and excellent service .

  • I purchased this model for home research and ghost hunting and it is a super little model with all the bits you would need.
    The alterations done by Infraready are seamless and you would not know any work has been carried out on them until you use the equipment. The unit was quite honestly looking like post-production quality and it felt and looks brand new. I must admit I was a little skeptical buying a refurbished unit but need’nt have worried.
    The pictures look fabulous and I shall no doubt wonder how I ever managed to do without one.
    Well done guys, your ALL stars πŸ™‚

  • Bought this one for the wife and she loves it.
    Small and compact but with a big spec, it lives up to the high quality you expect from Sony.
    The inbuilt IR flash is a bonus too and gives you the chance to be extra discreet should you need to.
    Great camera, well worth the money and in such great condition, as new.
    If your thinking of getting a camcorder or camera with IR and Full spec, these boys know what they are doing and you cannot go wrong.

  • Always first class equipment and service. Fast post. Quality and trusted company.

  • Really good quality camera will be buying more in the future


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